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Be Inspired

What if KOMTRAK were around then….?

Throughout history, human intelligence and creativity have given us many wonderful discoveries, inventions and works of art and design.

Imagine for a minute, how the scientific, literary, and artistic contributions of some of the most lauded masters of the past might have been influenced by having access to today’s tools.

Leonardo Da Vinci does final drawings in his KOMTRAK Sketchbook before painting Mona Lisa. He decides to give her a broader smile which exposes a big space between her front teeth.


Dr. Sigmund Freud instructs each of his patients to keep a personal journal in a KOMTRAK Compact size Gray Ruled Notebook. 

William Shakespeare writes his sequel to Romeo and Juliet in his KOMTRAK Journal. In the new version he has them both in good health, passing final blissful days while retired in Florida, part of a new Spanish colony at the time. 


Great Tools Inspire Great Work!

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