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Our unique binding methods give you the choice of function and style. You can choose the patented INSPIRAL® (multi-ring) or the 3-ring KOOOLBIND™. All are loose-leaf capable. You can also special request the original patented KOMTRAK® (multi-ring) binding with slide-off molded backbone, our namesake product. You can easily change what's inside with KOMTRAK refills or paper from other sources. We use standard hole punches.

Our patented INSPIRAL is stylish and sturdy with a removable clasp to mix and match or refill. Multiple rings make sure pages are kept securely bound. INSPIRAL lets you turn pages 360 degrees to take less space while in use and let pages lay flat for more freedom of movement. 

See How Inspiral Works

KOOOLBIND Books come with standard 3-hole punched paper. Rings open at any page for easy addition and removal. KOOOLBIND works very differently than most other 3 ring binders. The unique concealable spine both stabilizes the rings and allows you to turn covers and pages a full 360 degrees around for a smaller footprint when in use and pages lay flat.

See How KooolBind Works

Your KOMTRAK® sketchbook can become your Art Portfolio to display your very best work. With KOMTRAK®, you can bind different papers in same book, as in our Multi-Media Sketchbook

Whether you mix-and-match or leave it a permanently bound Notebook, Sketchbook or Planner, it’s all up to you. You will simply love the high quality and durability of the paper and binding.

Komtrak InSprial.png

Be Inspired

The unique spiral-bound loose-leaf note book. Let freedom be your inspiration.

KooolBind Loose Leaf Binder.png

Be Creative!

Fill your KooolBind notebook with any kind of paper and unleash your creativity.

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