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Our standard covers are made with high density Poly or 100% Recycled Board. All covers have protective overhangs and rounded corners for a more finished appearance.

KOMTRAK EARTH-FRIENDLY COVERS™ are made with 100% recycled board, come in black, gray and brown. Be eco-friendly and functional! 

Poly covers are available in a variety of solid and translucent colors: Black, Black/Blue (2 -sided) Metallic Silver, Dark Translucent Gray, Medium Translucent Blue and Clear. Books with Poly covers are kept sturdy with the addition of a rigid board for additional protection and support, especially in the field.


Special Edition Covers™ are also available at extra cost. Availability varies so inquire with your order and we will let you know what’s currently in stock.

FREE cover imprinting with Hot Foil Stamping with orders of 36 books or more. 

Once you experience KOMTRAK products for yourself, you will see GREAT TOOLS INSPIRE GREAT WORK!  

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